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The H&QAP senior team of investment professionals manage, monitor and guide all the investment activities across 26 funds, including the areas of operational management, investments and compensation. They are supported by local investment professionals who are experienced multidisciplinary individuals with in-depth knowledge of local and international business operations and corporate finance, located in each office throughout Asia.

The H&QAP team is distinguished by the following competitive advantages:

Substantial Investment and Operational Experience

Our team has a long-standing track record investing across multiple industries and sectors and the proven ability to help companies migrate management teams, brands and technology to Asia and to successfully integrate proven business models with the local business environment.

Established and Stable Team

We are a seasoned and cohesive group of experienced professionals with strong individual and collective track records of success.

H&QAP Network and Platform Support

The firm’s extensive local presence in Asia since the 1980s has resulted in extensive experience and business relationships throughout the region, leading to proprietary deal flow and cross-pollination of information, relationships, resources, team members, and exit opportunities.