Investment Philosophy

From its inception in 1985 to 2018, H&QAP has consistently realized exits (trade sales and IPOs) throughout Asia, in numerous countries, across varied sectors, and regardless of investment stage. The Firm tends not to chase risky unicorn deals, however investing in more conservative but sustainable companies in order to return capital to LPs along the investment process. H&QAP believes that strict risk management and investment control will allow H&QAP to leverage its experience and local network in optimizing a portfolio company’s strategy, operational efficiency and financial management for better investment returns.

A cornerstone of the H&QAP investment philosophy is working closely with each of its portfolio companies to provide value beyond capital. The regional funds emphasize control investing. Preferring a hands-on approach, H&QAP typically acquires board seats to build local companies into successful, multinational franchises by helping them across all major business functions.

H&QAP’s investment professionals are either local to the region or deeply entrenched in the culture and business landscape of their respective markets. As a result, H&QAP is often regarded as a local partner in the Asia Pacific region as evidenced by its long-standing presence in Korea and North Asia. With over three decades of investment under this ingrained philosophy, H&QAP has earned a sterling reputation as a preferred partner in providing exceptional access to key decision-makers of global corporations seeking to enter and establish operations in China; and conversely, help Chinese entrepreneurs and companies with their globalization plans beyond the China market. Today, this competitive advantage translates into an extremely well-positioned ability to identify and capture unique cross-border opportunities presented in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region.